DuPont Tyvek Paper 1056D Raw Materials Waterproof Fabric Paper for Wristband
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DuPont Tyvek Paper 1056D Raw Materials Waterproof Fabric Paper for Wristband

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Product Description

Customized color

Product name

dupont tyvek 1025D

Standard width size


Average Weight

43g/square meter

Average thickness

0.142mm/square meter


White\Customized color


1. **Lightweight and strong**: It is light in weight but far stronger than paper of the same thickness. It has excellent tensile and tear resistance, wear resistance and strong durability.

2. **Waterproof and Breathable**: The unique microporous structure makes it have excellent waterproof performance, while allowing water vapor to pass through, keeping the interior dry and avoiding moisture accumulation.

3. **Chemical Stability**: It has good tolerance to most acids, alkalis, and solvents, is not easily corroded by chemical substances, and is suitable for various complex environments.

4. **Anti-UV**: Resistant to UV radiation, not easy to fade or brittle after long-term outdoor use, suitable for outdoor signs, building enclosures, etc.

5. **Printing adaptability**: Smooth surface, good ink absorption, supports various printing processes such as offset printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping, digital printing, etc., with distinctive printing effect.

6. **Environmentally friendly and recyclable**: Made of 100% high-density polyethylene, without added adhesives or plasticizers, recyclable and in line with environmental protection trends.

%1. **Wide application**: Widely used in building protection, medical packaging, document packaging, art protection, fashion accessories, labels and markings, postal envelopes and other fields.

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