inkjet A4 envelope packaging translucent Tracing Paper Roll For printing
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inkjet A4 envelope packaging translucent Tracing Paper Roll For printing

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translucent tracing paper
Gram weight: 50 GSM, 60 GSM, 70 GSM, 80 GSM. 90 GSM, 100 GSM, 110 GSM, 130 GSM, 150 GSM, 170 GSM, 180 GSM, 200 GSM, 220 GSM
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Product Description

Transparent tracing paper

1. Material and appearance: Translucent tracing paper is usually made of high-quality wood fiber or cotton fiber as raw materials and is made through fine processing.

2. Transparency: The biggest feature of this paper type is its translucent nature. Light can partially pass through the paper, so that for an image drawn on a piece of tracing paper, the underlying graphics, lines or background information (such as sketches, grids, templates, etc.) can be clearly seen through the paper, which facilitates accurate copying and Counterpoint or overlay design.


3. Thickness and weight: The thickness of translucent tracing paper is generally between 70-140 grams/square meter, which is thinner than ordinary printing paper.

4. Scratch resistance and durability: High-quality translucent tracing paper has good scratch resistance and abrasion resistance, even if it is repeatedly modified or erased using hard drawing tools (such as pencils, ink pens, ballpoint pens, markers, etc.) , the paper is not easy to break or fluff.

Scope of application: Widely used in many fields such as architecture, machinery, electronics, fashion design, illustration, animation production, etc. Designers, engineers, architects, artists and other professionals often use its translucent properties for precise drawing, copying patterns, superimposed designs, making manuscripts, tracing exercises, etc.




Q1: Are you a manufacturing company or a trading company?

A: We are a professional manufacturing factory of pp synthetic paper, tracing paper , wrapping paper,rc photo paper,We are able to supply you with finest 0EM /ODM service.

Q2: What material do you use? ls it environmentally friendly?

A: All the materials we use are environmentally friendly.

Q3,Could I have prices of your products?

A: Welcome. Pls feel free to send us an email here. You will get our reply in 24 hours.

Q4,Can I get a lower price if I order large quantities?

A: Yes, cheaper prices with more bigger quantity orders.

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