Fashion Tyvek 1443r Waterproof Breathable Printable Custom Designer
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Fashion Tyvek 1443r Waterproof Breathable Printable Custom Designer

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  • lizheng

Product Description

Product Description

Tyvek Building wrapping Respiratory Paper/ Breathable Membrane for Walls

Breather membranes play a key role in protecting buildings and occupants from the elements.lnvesting in a qualty solution like DuPont" Tyvek@ can help provide long-term building protection - and peace of mind too

Item name

tyvek paper and non-vwoven tyvek fabric



Free sample



A4、Roll、(customized size)



The main feactures of Tyvek Paper:

♦Light and tough
♦ Waterproof and breathable
♦ Wear-resistant, anti-aging
♦ Excellent opacity
♦ Soft and smooth
♦ No adhesive included
♦ Printable
♦ Low debris



Q1: What specific information is required for you to quote?

Basically, we will ask for specific details for the products you inquireabout such as gram weight, size, quantity, color, packing requirement orpictures, and so on. For special needs like customization requirementsplease feel free to contact us via email, Skype, WeChat, or WhatsApp

Q2: How to get the samples?

We are very pleased to provide a certain amount of FREE samplesas required. We can use the consignee's Express account(DHL, UPSFedEx, or TNT)from our customers for sample delivery. And you can alsoPRE-PAlD sample shipping costs to us for sending FREE SAMPLESas well as our product catalogs. Just contact us and share with us yourdetailed address in English.

Q3:What is your quality guarantee?

A.You can arrange your QC or any third party do the inspection before shipment,or we send you theshipping sample.When you receive the cargo,please check in a week,if there are any qualitydefect,we will afford all the lost caused by us.

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