Sublimation Paper Heat Transfer A4 Usa Warehouse Easy To Thermal Transfer Sublimation Paper A4
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Sublimation Paper Heat Transfer A4 Usa Warehouse Easy To Thermal Transfer Sublimation Paper A4

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Product Description

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Sublimation paper, also known as thermal transfer paper or sublimation paper, is a special paper with a three-layer structure specially designed for the thermal transfer process, including a base layer, an ink-absorbing layer and a protective layer. Under specific temperature and pressure, the dye or ink printed on it can sublime into a gas, which can penetrate and fix on the surface of various printing materials (such as cloth, ceramics, metal, plastic, etc.), achieving high definition, bright colors and Durable image transfer. It is widely used in fields such as textile printing, handicraft production, logo signs and personalized gifts. It has the advantages of high color reproduction, strong durability, environmental protection and pollution-free, and flexible application. When using it, you need to use a special printer and ink, pay attention to the storage conditions and accurately control the transfer parameters.


Sublimation Paper


Sublimation Printing






1) Do you offer free printing samples?
Yes, we can print some samples according to customer's requirements.

2) What’s your delivery time?
We will arrange the delivery within 3~7 working days after received the deposit.

3) What payment method are supported?
Payment method is T/T or LC, PayPal, Western Union, Credit Card, etc.

4) If I have some technical problem, how can you help us to solve it?
Detailed description, photos or video will help our technician analyze the problem and give solution accordingly.

5) Once there is something need to replace, what can I do?
We supply all the spare parts for the printer. If any part is broken, we will fix it or send you new parts after users send back the broken ones. We suggest that users order spare parts package for long time maintenance and fast replacement.

6) Can we send our technician to your factory for training?
Yes, you are warmly welcome to visit us for free training.

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