Waterproof Polyethylene Dupont Tyvek Paper Fabric
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Waterproof Polyethylene Dupont Tyvek Paper Fabric

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Product Description

Product Description

Item Name

Tyvek paper








Tyvek paper is a lightweight yet strong material composed of polyethylene fibers. It is waterproof, tear-proof and wear-resistant and is widely used in various industries. Here are 5 main uses for Tyvek paper:

Medical use: Tyvek paper is widely used in the manufacture of medical packaging, such as surgical gowns, operating room supplies packaging, etc. It has antibacterial, waterproof and breathable properties to ensure the quality and safety of medical supplies.

Building protection: Tyvek paper can be used as a water film isolation material for exterior walls, roofs and other parts of buildings to prevent rainwater penetration and protect building structures from damage.

Decorative materials: Tyvek paper has a unique texture and appearance and can be used for interior decoration, such as wallpaper, artwork, etc., adding a unique beauty to the space.

Packaging materials: Tyvek paper is very light but strong, suitable for use as packaging materials, such as mail packages, express bags, book covers, etc., to protect items from damage.

Environmentally friendly industry: Tyvek paper can be recycled and remade and is an environmentally friendly material. It can be used to make shopping bags, clothing, homewares and more, helping to promote sustainability and environmental awareness



Q: What kind of your company type?

A: We are a manufacture with our own factory. The quality and the delivery is guaranteed.

Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

A: We locate in Shenzhen, plese feel free to contact us if you would like to come.

Q:May I get the free samples?

A: We provide the free sample to customers, you just need to pay for the freight cost or use your own freight account.

Q: Can I print logo and serial numbers on the bands?

A: Yes, we can make sure high quality printing wristbands with logo, images, photos, texts, bar code, serial numbers etc.

Q: How about the delivery?

A: Typically, we send out the materials within 5 days after receiving the deposit, for the urgent order, we can provide the overtime work and the materials will be ready within 3 days.

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