Wholesale 50g 90g 200g Transparent Tracing Paper Vellum Paper tracing paper envelope
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Wholesale 50g 90g 200g Transparent Tracing Paper Vellum Paper tracing paper envelope

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  • lizheng

Product Description

High Quality Tracing Paper 


1. We are manufactory of paper, and can accept customized requirements;

2. High effiency production management and high standards of quality control;

3. Best ratio of performance and cost;

4. Most competitive price guaranteed at promised quality; 

5. Fast & adjustable delivery;

Product Description:


High Quality 50-220g Tracing Paper


787*1092mm / 889*1194mm/ 787mm roll/ 889mmroll/A0/A1/A2/A4/A3






100% Wood pulp/100% Cotton Pulp


Eco-friendly,Ligin free, Acid free,Cold Press, Glue Bound


1.Watercolor Painting

2.Art and Craft


1.We produce paper from wooden pulp, also converting papers by ourselves including: cut / mixing colors / packing and shipping. This way we 100% ensure consistent quality & absolutely competitive prices in the market.

2.With FSC certificates

Tracing paper is a professional drawing paper designed for the detailed rendering of blueprints, engineering drawings or works of art. Its texture is fine and smooth, and its light transmittance is excellent, allowing users to clearly see the manuscript or template underneath through the paper, and accurately transfer image lines onto it. The paper surface is as white as snow and has no obvious texture, ensuring that the drawn lines are clean and crisp, without being interfered by the paper texture, and presenting a professional and precise visual effect.

The thickness is moderate, making it difficult for ink to penetrate due to being too thin, and maintaining a good feel, making it easy for various drawing tools such as pencils, ink pens, and markers to pass smoothly, leaving full and even traces. At the same time, its good tear resistance and durability ensure that the paper remains intact and is not easily damaged during repeated modification, wiping, folding and other operations.

The various sizes and specifications can meet different drawing needs. Whether it is a small sketch or a large engineering drawing, you can find a suitable choice. The edges are usually printed with precise squares or grid lines as a reference for precise positioning and proportion, further improving drawing efficiency and accuracy.

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